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Why Chose Our San Diego Moving Company?

In 1974, Two Men Will Move You, was opened by a husband and wife team out of Pacific Beach, San Diego.  Since then it has grown in size and changed locations, but has remained family owned and operated. We have generations of experience in the moving industry and have completed over 70,000 moves since our opening day!  Our longevity and success in this business is attributed to our dedicated and hard working employees.  We strive to hire professional and experienced movers who show an ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the service and kindness that is expected from our family.  We are proud to say that 75% of our employees have been with us for over 10 years and are considered part of our family.

We provide a full suite of moving services so that you have the flexibility to choose how much or how little you want to do yourself versus have a professional take care of for you. We have a professional packing team that is able to pack your items carefully to reduce or eliminate damages and can do so much quicker than a non-professional packer. They are available to pack only certain rooms for you, certain items (like breakables or antiques) or your whole house. They can even provide all of the packing materials for you, or they can use the packing materials that you provide.  We also offer centralized and secure storage solutions for you, both short term and long term. Our storage facilities are monitored and secured 24/7 and are always protected from weather and extreme heat. We also offer temperature controlled storage spaces for people that have sensitive valuables such as oil paintings, delicate instruments or sensitive electronic devices. We also are one of a few moving companies in the industry that have professional training and are experienced in moving pianos of all sizes.

We are fully licensed and insured and enjoy working with residents and businesses all around San Diego to make sure they have a great moving experience. The majority of our business comes from customers giving us recommendations and repeat customers that have moved with us multiple times over the years. We work hard to keep our prices as competitive as can be and to work within everyone’s’ budget so that moving services can be used by everyone, especially people that are physically unable to move themselves, or who are unable to take the time off of work to pack or move everything themselves.  Moving is hard on the body and can be stressful, so having a professional team help you through it can make a big difference. Call us anytime to ask questions about your upcoming move.

Moving F.A.Qs

Question:  How much before I move do I need to call you?
Answer:  We are busiest on the weekends.  To ensure that we can move you please call at least 7 days ahead of your move date.  If you are moving on a weekday we require less notice.

packing service
46 Years of Moving Experience! Call Now! 619-296-7995


With the premium cost of real estate in San Diego and the constant increases in rent, it makes
sense for people to choose homes and living spaces that are small enough to fit their day to day
living needs. But this shortage in storage space in your home can leave you wondering what to
do with your family heirlooms, seasonal decorations or sporting goods, or even the
memorabilia of your childhood. These are all items that are not easily replaced or rented, so it
makes sense to keep them until you need them.
A centralized storage space can be a cost effective way to still own the items that you want to,
without having to find storage space for them in your day to day living space. Having these
items stay put in one storage space will also spare you the time and cost of having to pack these
items, relocate them each time you move, and unpack them again. Not only will you have more
free space in your home, but you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that your possessions
are safe and secured in a centralized location.
Our full service storage solutions is a great relief for people that do not have the time to pack
and sort through a self-storage unit, or who are physically unable to do the heavy lifting and
moving themselves. Our professional moving team will pick up all the items that you would like
to bring to storage and will store them in our secure, weather resistant and climate controlled*
storage space until you need them. When you are ready, just call us and let us know when and
where you would like us to hand deliver your items to you.
*climate controlled space is available upon request.

Moving a Piano

A family’s piano is a source of musical education, entertainment, enjoyment and memories. It is
an investment to be protected and cared for throughout generations. For these reasons, as well
as the thousands of delicate and intricate moving parts within your piano, you’ll want to make
sure your piano is moved with great care and professionalism.
Moving an instrument of this size and delicacy takes a team of trained professionals that have
experience moving a piano in all kinds of scenarios (like up and down stairs, around corners, in
the rain or extreme heat). Not only are there industry standard best practices for
disassembling, relocating and reassembling a piano, but each piano type and brand also have
different needs to make sure they are relocated properly. Make sure to ask your moving
company before you hire them about their experience and expertise in moving your piano.
Two Men Will Move You has been training employees in the art of moving a piano for decades
and we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction rates. We have even trained other moving
companies on the art of piano moving! If you are only moving a piano from room to room, or
moving only a piano from one location to another then it is probably more cost effective to hire
a company that only moved pianos. (We have a 4 hour minimum on all of our jobs and a piano
usually only takes 1-2 hours to move). But if you are moving your entire household and have a
piano, then it will save you time and money to hire one company that can move both!

Read more about piano movers


The difference between hiring a professional packing service and a DIY approach can make or break your moving experience. Moving is difficult and time consuming enough with the address changes, the coordination of mail and internet stopping and starting, etc. The last thing you need is to add to your list of things to do with figuring out what kind of boxes and how many you’ll need to pack your entire place. And while you’re packing a few small things every day after work or on the weekends you also need to live among the stack of boxes and make sure
everything is labeled properly so you can find your items as you unpack. Many people try to tackle this long and drawn out task themselves, thinking that it’s too
expensive to hire a professional packing service. They probably don’t realize that how items are wrapped and packed makes a large difference in the item’s safety during the moving and
unpacking process as well. Hiring a professional packing service is cheaper than you may think, not only in the dollar amount that you pay for the packing, but it will also save you money in
damages and in buying unnecessary packing materials that you may not need. Not to mention all the time and energy you’ll save!
We’d like to challenge your current assumption of having professionals pack for your next move. Call us for a free quote and a visual estimate! Our team of estimators will work within
your budget to pack and move your items as carefully and as cost effectively as possible. What to Expect From a Professional Packing Service
The packing experience will all start with a conversation around what you need for your move. We have a well-seasoned team of people that have been packing and moving households for
over a decade and can share with you all of their expertise. They will be able to walk you through the best time frame for packing before you move, and how you can prepare your home
before the packers arrive. We usually recommend packing no sooner than 1-2 days prior to your move. We understand
that work and other obligations can get in the way and this isn’t always feasible, but limiting the amount of time between packing and moving will work in your advantage in a few ways:
– You will limit the amount of time that you’ll be living among boxes (which can be unsettling and stressful)
– You will limit the chance of needing a specific pan, tool or outfit that is already packed away
– You will maximize the amount of time that your home still feels and functions like a home

Local Moving

Moving charges are based on loading time, double drive time, and unloading time.  Double drive time means, for example, if it takes 15 minutes to drive from the load address to the unload address, you will be charged 30 minutes for the drive time.  Time starts at your door and ends when the truck is unloaded and the furniture placed.  Wardrobes are furnished free for your use the day of the move.  There is a charge for all other boxes and materials.

moving insurance

Moving Insurance

Liability coverage provided at no additional cost to the shippers is $.60 per pound per article.  Depreciated declared-value coverage can be obtained by the shipper at $140.00 for the first $20,000 worth of coverage and $35.00 for each additional  $5,000 worth of coverage.  The terms and conditions are listed on the back side of the combined agreement for moving services and freight bill.

Movers San Diego

As professionals, we want to move your belongings as quickly, efficiently, carefully, and as courteously as possible.  We also want you to be aware that all moving contracts have certain exceptions which are many times not discussed or are glossed over by other less professional movers.  To prevent this, we listed below the main – or most common ones:

46 Years of Moving Experience! Call Now! 619-296-7995

How Do Moving Companies Calculate the Fees or Charges?

In the state of California, the Bureau of Household Goods and Services (BHGS) oversees the
moving industry and sets and enforces the rules for how household movers are allowed to
charge customers. Some of the rules or processes that they use may seem odd at first, but the
reasoning behind them is to protect the consumers from scams and unscrupulous companies.

Hourly Rates

Moving companies are only allowed to provide their hourly rates and fees over the phone.
There is no accuracy or basis behind a moving company giving a customer an estimate of how
long their move will take or cost based on any information provided over a phone call. It would
seem reasonable to call an experienced moving company and say ‘I am moving a 1 bedroom
apartment 20 miles up the road’ and have the moving company say ‘well that usually takes
about 4 hours so that’s what you should expect’. However; this kind of conversation only sets
up the customer for disappointment and unexpected costs. The ban on giving estimates over
the phone protects the customer from selecting a moving company that gives them the lowest
estimate over the phone, only to find out that the move actually took 6 hours and now that’s
what the customer is expected to pay.
It is recommended that you call at least 3 insured and credible moving companies to get their
hour rates and fees. If you come across one company that has hourly rates that are
exceptionally low, please research them further to make sure they are insured, licensed and
credible with the BBB. A very low hourly rate is indicative of no or low overhead costs, which
often means cutting out these critical elements.

Double Drive Time
This is the charge that is the most confusing for customers and seems very odd up front, but
there is a reason behind it. The rule is that moving companies are to begin charging their hourly
rate when the movers arrive at the customer’s house. They continue to charge the customer
the hourly rate while the movers load everything into the truck.
When the truck starts driving from the first house, to the customer’s new location, that time is
doubled. So if it takes the truck 30 minutes to drive from point A to point B, then that customer
is to be charged 30 min x 2 = 60 min at the same hourly rate.
The normal hourly rate will resume once the truck arrives at the customer’s new location (point
B) and will end when everything is unloaded off of the truck and the customer says that they
are satisfied with the move being completed.
So what is the point of charging double drive time? The extra charge is supposed to cover the
cost of the movers to drive back to the office after the move. If you notice in the example

above, the customer is not paying for the movers to drive from the truck’s starting location to
the customer’s house, nor is the customer paying the movers to drive back to the truck’s
location after the move is complete. Before double drive time was created and enforced,
moving companies charged the customer for both of these drive times. And it was found that
some unscrupulous moving companies were inflating these drive times and charging the
customers unnecessary amounts. After all, the customer can’t see if the moving truck started
out 10 minutes away from their house, or 30 minutes away from their house. Thus the law was
born: a moving company cannot charge a customer for the time that the movers are driving to
their starting location, or driving back from their ending location. But to help with the costs, the
moving companies should charge double drive time for point A to point B.