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Moving F.A.Qs

Question:  How much before I move do I need to call you?
Answer:  We are busiest on the weekends.  To ensure that we can move you please call at least 7 days ahead of your move date.  If you are moving on a weekday we require less notice.

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A family owned and operated local moving company, Two Men Will Move You anywhere within San Diego County.

We have the experience, professional staff, equipment and professional supplies to handle your move.  Our professional movers are qualified, capable, careful and courteous.  We do not hire day help/temporary workers.  We move 7 days a week.

Both Residential and Commercial moves are easily handled by the Two Men Will Move You staff of approximately 30 employees.  75% of our employees have been with us 10 to 23 years.

To arrange a move please contact the Two Men Will Move You office as early as possible so that we can lock you onto our schedule.  While we are able to do many of the “last minute moves” that call us, we cannot do all.  It will be to your advantage to get onto the Two Men Will Move You schedule early in your move process.

In spite of the fact that Two Men Will Move You is a local (within San Diego and Riverside Counties mainly) family owned company it falls under the regulations of the California P.U.C.  The regulations under which Two Men Will Move You operate are designed to protect both the ‘moved’ and the ‘mover’.   Two Men Will Move You is pleased to operate within the guidelines set forth by the P.U.C.

Two Men Will Move You if you are already all packed up, or Two Men Will Move You will pack your belongings for you (at additional charge, of course).

Give our friendly staff a call and discuss your move with them.  What may seem very large and intimidating to you is routine for the staff of Two Men Will Move You.  Two Men Will Move You has completed over 70,000 moves since 1972.

Before you choose your mover we encourage you to contact the San Diego Better Business Bureau.  Ask them about us.  You will receive a favorable review.

The staff at Two Men Will Move You looks forward to assisting you with your next move.  Call us 619-296-7995

Local Moving

Moving charges are based on loading time, double drive time, and unloading time.  Double drive time means, for example, if it takes 15 minutes to drive from the load address to the unload address, you will be charged 30 minutes for the drive time.  Time starts at your door and ends when the truck is unloaded and the furniture placed.  Wardrobes are furnished free for your use the day of the move.  There is a charge for all other boxes and materials.

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Moving Insurance

Liability coverage provided at no additional cost to the shippers is $.60 per pound per article.  Depreciated declared-value coverage can be obtained by the shipper at $140.00 for the first $20,000 worth of coverage and $35.00 for each additional  $5,000 worth of coverage.  The terms and conditions are listed on the back side of the combined agreement for moving services and freight bill.

Movers San Diego

As professionals, we want to move your belongings as quickly, efficiently, carefully, and as courteously as possible.  We also want you to be aware that all moving contracts have certain exceptions which are many times not discussed or are glossed over by other less professional movers.  To prevent this, we listed below the main – or most common ones:

46 Years of Moving Experience!