With the premium cost of real estate in San Diego and the constant increases in rent, it makes
sense for people to choose homes and living spaces that are small enough to fit their day to day
living needs. But this shortage in storage space in your home can leave you wondering what to
do with your family heirlooms, seasonal decorations or sporting goods, or even the
memorabilia of your childhood. These are all items that are not easily replaced or rented, so it
makes sense to keep them until you need them.
A centralized storage space can be a cost effective way to still own the items that you want to,
without having to find storage space for them in your day to day living space. Having these
items stay put in one storage space will also spare you the time and cost of having to pack these
items, relocate them each time you move, and unpack them again. Not only will you have more
free space in your home, but you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that your possessions
are safe and secured in a centralized location.
Our full service storage solutions is a great relief for people that do not have the time to pack
and sort through a self-storage unit, or who are physically unable to do the heavy lifting and
moving themselves. Our professional moving team will pick up all the items that you would like
to bring to storage and will store them in our secure, weather resistant and climate controlled*
storage space until you need them. When you are ready, just call us and let us know when and
where you would like us to hand deliver your items to you.
*climate controlled space is available upon request.

Storage FAQs

1. What size storage do I need?
This is a general guideline, but will vary based on how many items you have and the size of the
items. Please note: These storage recommendations only take into account a professional
moving team loading the storage space. A non-professional will likely need more storage space
to load the same items.

Home Size

5×10 1 bedroom apartment
10×10 1 bedroom home
10×15 2 to 3 bedroom home
10×20 3 to 4 bedroom home
10×30 5+ bedroom home

2. What is the difference between self-storage and full-service storage?
Self-storage is for people who would like to rent a storage unit from a third party. The customer
would decide what size of a unit they would like, and will meet with the third party self-storage
company to sign a contract and view the storage space. The customer can either load their
items into their storage space themselves, or the customer can hire a professional moving
company to load their items, and then meet them at the storage space to unload. The customer
will need to remain at the storage space while the professional moving company is loading and
will need to lock their storage space and keep the key within their possession. The liability and
the contract are with the customer in this case.
Full-service storage is a simple and seamless solution for people that do not have the time or
the physical ability to move and load their items into storage. A professional moving team will
come to your home to load the items you would like sent into storage, and then will deliver
your items to a secured storage space. When you are ready for delivery, a professional moving
team will arrive at your location with your items. An organized inventory system is used to
ensure all your items are delivered back to you. The customer holds no liability and does not
need to work with another third party company for this storage solution.
3. Do I need to know how long I’ll need to use my storage space?
Two Men Will Move You does not require you to know how long you’ll need to use the storage
space. Some customers utilize our storage spaces for years, and others for days. We have a
flexible business model that allows for any amount of time that you need.
4. What if I need to get something out of my storage space?
Full-service storage solutions are meant to make putting items in and out of storage as easy as
possible for our customers. Our moving team can deliver all or some of the items from your
storage space and deliver them to you, all for the price of our hourly rates (with a 4 hour
If a customer would like to retrieve something out of their storage space themselves, they will
need to make an appointment and meet a professional mover at our centralized location. Our
insurance mandates that customers are accompanied by trained professionals at all times while
they are on our storage premises for safety reasons. There is a $75 fee assessed for these