Piano Movers

A family’s piano is a source of musical education, entertainment, enjoyment and memories. It is
an investment to be protected and cared for throughout generations. For these reasons, as well
as the thousands of delicate and intricate moving parts within your piano, you’ll want to make
sure your piano is moved with great care and professionalism.
Moving an instrument of this size and delicacy takes a team of trained professionals that have
experience moving a piano in all kinds of scenarios (like up and down stairs, around corners, in
the rain or extreme heat). Not only are there industry standard best practices for
disassembling, relocating and reassembling a piano, but each piano type and brand also have
different needs to make sure they are relocated properly. Make sure to ask your moving
company before you hire them about their experience and expertise in moving your piano.
Two Men Will Move You has been training employees in the art of moving a piano for decades
and we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction rates. We have even trained other moving
companies on the art of piano moving! If you are only moving a piano from room to room, or
moving only a piano from one location to another then it is probably more cost effective to hire
a company that only moved pianos. (We have a 4 hour minimum on all of our jobs and a piano
usually only takes 1-2 hours to move). But if you are moving your entire household and have a
piano, then it will save you time and money to hire one company that can move both!
Piano FAQs
1. Will I need to get my piano tuned after I move it?
The process of moving a piano will not cause it to come out of tune or need maintenance.
However, any change in temperature or humidity levels will alter the wooden pieces in the
sound board and will change the piano’s tune. If a piano is moved to a house closer or further
from the coast, or even from a downstairs room that stays fairly cool to an upstairs room that
heats up more during the day, the piano will experience these temperature and humidity
2. Can I use the wheels on my piano to move it?
The wheels on a piano are only made to move the piano a few feet for the purpose of cleaning
or making small adjustments in location. The wheels are not made to help the piano travel
across a room or a house.
3. How much does it cost to move a piano?
Two Men Will Move You is a household moving company that specially trains and employs
people that are experienced in moving all types of pianos. This is not standard or even common
in the moving industry. The extra costs of these training programs and experienced employees
are built into our hourly rates of your move. There are no extra fees or charges to move your