Local Moving

Moving charges are based on loading time, double drive time, and unloading time.  Double drive time means, for example, if it takes 15 minutes to drive from the load address to the unload address, you will be charged 30 minutes for the drive time.  Time starts at your door and ends when the truck is unloaded and the furniture placed.  Wardrobes are furnished free for your use the day of the move.  There is a charge for all other boxes and materials.


Question:  How much before I move do I need to call you?
Answer:  We are busiest on the weekends.  To ensure that we can move you please call at least 7 days ahead of your move date.  If you are moving on a weekday we require less notice.

Question:  How much will it cost to move?
Answer:  This is a tough one.  Things vary from move to move.  It’s not really possible to put a rate chart on this website because so many things are different.  The best way to find out how much a move will cost is to call us.  We are experienced at giving quotes but want to discuss the details with you before we quote the move charges.

Question:  Do I need to purchase my boxes from you or can I get them from anybody?
Answer:  You may certainly obtain your packing materials from any source.  If you purchase from us we do allow you to return boxes that we can reuse at half price of our retail price.

Question:  When do I pay you?
Answer:  You pay us when the move is completed.  The movers will accept Cash, Local Checks, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover.

Question:  I understand that you charge by the hour.  How does that work?
Answer:  There are at a minimum two components that we charge for: Time and Drive Time. 

  • Time is charged from the time that the movers arrive at your location and ends when the last item is placed. 
  • Drive Time is charged (and doubled).  The drive time between the two move points is doubled.  There is no charge to move our men or equipment from our facility to you.  There is no charge to return our men or equipment to our facility when the move is completed.

Summary:  You are charged Time from the moment that the movers arrive until the moment that the last item is placed. You are charged Drive Time times 2.

Question:  What if it is raining?
Answer:  Good question.  We are kind of like the post office.  We will move you regardless of the weather. 

Question:  What are your office hours?
Answer:  We are open from 8-6 most every day of the year.  If you call us after business hours a real nice lady at the answering service will either take a message or encourage you to call back the next day.

Question:  What if I hate moving?
Answer:  Moving is one of life’s traumatic activities especially if you try to do it all yourself.  Let us help you.  Spend your time doing something that you don’t hate.  We love moving.

Question:  I just bought a riding lawn mower at a garage sale.  Can you move it home for me?
Answer:  We could move it for you however you need to understand that the rates that we charge are governed by the California P.U.C because we are a moving company…not a freight company.  We always charge a minimum.